Denver, Colorado  |  February 17-19, 2017

Original footage provided by Mahala Gaylord

Lindy Diversion is dedicated to the pure enjoyment of dancing. Our event comprises instruction in Lindy, Blues, and solo movement, superb live music, hard-hitting performances, and a lot of incredible social dancing. This promises to be the perfect diversion for you this spring!


Music by

Gordon Webster & Friends

with National and Local DJs

Blues Instructors


Swing Instructors


Classes will be held on Friday evening, Saturday daytime, and Sunday daytime. We’ll have a talk about swing music with Gordon Webster on Saturday night, and a few performances from teams and troupes.

All dances and classes will be held in one central location, the Denver Turnverein. We’re excited to hold the event in a building that is historically relevant, has a wonderful floor, and is a large part of the Denver swing dance community.

A Dance Event by Community-Minded Dance

Community-Minded Dance is committed to education: this event serves as a fundraiser for our organization, and the amazing instructors we bring in for this event also visit local schools during the week, giving Colorado adolescents and teenagers the opportunity to learn from the best in the world.

These youth would never have this opportunity without these instructors, and guess what … we could not bring them here and have ROCKY BAL without you! You are not only getting access to a fantastic event, you are helping to provide arts education to students all over Colorado!

Check out this video that talks about our programming and our partnership with the Great Kids Head Start Program in Denver.