Online Registration will open in October.

By registering for the event you agree to the following:

  • No refunds will be allowed at any time. Instead, if a registrant can’t attend and we are notified by January 15, 2019, we will give that person credit towards next year. (note: this applies to pass credit only; no credit can be given for add-ons or won passes).
  • All Pass Transfers must be completed by January 15, 2017. A $30 administrative fee will be charged for all pass transfers.
  • All Passes Won in competitions are non-transferable and do not hold a cash value. We will not honor those just because you have not read the website!
  • I understand that swing dancing is both physical and athletic, and therefore poses some natural risks, for which I accept full responsibility. Furthermore I agree not to hold CMDance, or its organizers legally or morally responsible for any injury or mental discomfort I experience under any circumstance. Therefore, I hereby waive any and all liability claims against CMDance, its organizers, their agents and instructors or their agents for any and all injuries which I might suffer during, and/or as a result of, my participation in the Lindy Diversion Event, February 10-12th, 2017 in Denver, CO  and its surrounding areas and parking lots. I also assume all responsibility and liability for any injuries I might suffer, or cause, during, and/or as a result of my participation in the Lindy Diversion event, February 22-24th, 2019 in Denver, CO  and its surrounding areas and parking lots. Furthermore, I absolve CMDance, its organizers, their agents and instructors or their agents of any and all responsibility for future injuries I might suffer or cause as a result of my participation in the Lindy Diversion Event, February 22-24th, 2019 in Denver, CO, and its surrounding areas and parking lots.
  • By executing this waiver, I state that I am in good physical and mental health and know of no reason why I should be unable to fully participate in all event activities in which I partake.
  • I understand that CMDance intends to record participation in the classes, dances, and special events on video and in photographs. I expressly grant CMDance the unlimited right and authority to use any such recording in any and all media in which I appear by whatever ways or means with no obligation to me. Such recordings are the sole property of CMDance.
  • Lindy Diversion is a private event and may refuse admission to any individual if it believes they pose a threat to any other attendees.
  • CMDance reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time, and will update our registrants with the new version when and if that occurs.

Payment Plans

Lindy Diversion is proud to offer monthly payment plans to make it even easier to cover your cost of attending. You will see this option at the end of the registration process. Split your cost into as many as 3 monthly payments.

  • Available through Paypal only
  • First payment is made upon completion of registration
  • Subsequent payments are automatically drafted through Paypal once a month, on the day of your original payment
  • If payment fails, Paypal will automatically attempt to retry payment
  • Your pass is only deemed valid if your balance is paid in full