Time Activity Location – Denver Turnverein (All)
7:00 PM Swing Club’s Beginner Swing Class Turnverein Ratskellar
7:30 PM Intro to Shag – Annabelle & Nial Turnverein Ballroom
8:30 PM Dance with Devin Jones & the Uptown Stomp Turnverein Ballroom
12:00 AM Band ends – DJ’d music Turnverein Ballroom
2:00 AM Dance ends


9:30 AM Set-up Set-up
Time Activity Location
11:00 AM Juan – Let’s Face The Music and Dance:
Understanding dancing language. Create a dialogue between you and your partner to react organically to the music. Concepts, technique and direct application of it in the context of Lindy Hop.
Turnverein Ballroom
Damon & Kelsy – The Science of Blues Movement:
What techniques create and shape the aesthetic of Blues dances? This class will go over the four primary technical elements that when combined create the foundation of the Blues idiom dances.
Turnverein Ratskellar
12:15 PM Juan – Following and Leading Is Just The Beginning: How to responsibly break free from patterns and “close leading and following” to express yourself without disrupting the flow of the dance. Turnverein Ballroom
Damon & Kelsy – The Art of Blues Movement:
In addition to the techniques, there are specific artistic choices each dancer makes which cements their movement solidly within the genre of Blues. This class will detail and then explore these choices.
Turnverein Ratskellar
1:15 PM Lunchtime Lecture on Big Mama Thornton w/ Erica Brown Turnverein Ratskellar
2:30 PM Tap Class – Juan Turnverein Ballroom
Damon & Kelsy – Howlin’ with the Wolf:
This class will be an exploration of the music of Chester Arthur Burnett, A.K.A. Howlin’ Wolf and the various ways of dancing to it mixing both blues idiom dancing and freestyle blues.
Turnverein Ratskellar
3:45 PM Annabelle & Nial – Shapes and transitions:
Learning the different shapes in shag and fun ways to transitions between them
Turnverein Ballroom
Damon & Kelsy – Ballrooming: The Savoy Walk:
This offshoot of the Savoy’s Swing Walk was danced to slower and more Bluesy music of the big bands. Based on Quickstep and Foxtrot rhythms and melodic improvisation it is flashy and classy while still grounded in the blues aesthetic.
Turnverein Ratskellar
4:45 PM Dinner Break
6:30 PM Pre-Dance Cocktail Party (tickets sold separately) Turnverein Ballroom
7:30 PM Beginner Swing Dance Lesson Turnverein Ballroom
8:30 PM Devin Jones & the Uptown Stomp Turnverein Ballroom
12:00 AM Band ends – DJ’d music continues Turnverein Ballroom & Ratskellar
3:00 AM Dance Ends


Time Activity Location
11:00 AM “Dancers Don’t Need to Know More Steps, They Need To Know More Songs”:
Or how to use your repertoire to “illustrate” any song with your movement.
Turnverein Ballroom
11:00 AM Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: Bubble Theory:
This class will focus on what leading and following really are in blues idiom dance once we strip away all the assumptions and carryover from other dances. We’ll talk concepts, exercises, and application.
Turnverein Ratskellar
12:15 PM Drills And Skills: Sharp as razor blade. Turnverein Ballroom
12:15 PM The Juke:
This class is a Juke Joint Blues sampler. We’ll cover four country and urban blues dances: Slow Drag, Touch-step, and Fishtail, covering the elements which define the dances and how to improvise within each.
Turnverein Ratskellar
1:15 PM Lunch Break
2:30 PM Musicality and styling:
Going over the many different ways you can express musicality in shag
Turnverein Ballroom
2:30 PM The Ballroom
This class is a Ballroom Blues sampler. We’ll cover two jazz-blues dances: The Strut and The Stride, what music they were danced to and how that shaped them.
Turnverein Ratskellar
3:45 PM Rotation and momentum:
Making your shag dancing flow by using rotation and momentum
Turnverein Ballroom
3:45 PM Tap w/ Juan Turnverein Ratskellar
4:45 PM Dinner Break
6:45 PM Beginner Swing Lesson Mercury Cafe
7:45 PM Dance with Jeremy Mohney’s Swing Band Mercury Cafe
??? Dance ends

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