Everything is Awesome! Everything is great when you’re part of a team! Volunteers are the face of the event, as each of you are often the first human anyone interacts with and comes to with emergencies. We value our volunteers and seriously cannot function without you. Help us make this a successful event, and get to know your organizers and artists a little better. Thank you for being part of our 20th anniversary! You will be able to sign-up after reading the following!

Important Notes Related to Volunteering:

  • If you have not pre-registered, you must provide a check as a deposit for the full amount at the beginning of the weekend (full-time $169, part-time $85). This deposit is in good faith that you will show up for all your shifts, and communicate with all the appropriate personnel if you swap a shift.
  • The check will be destroyed when all your commitments are fulfilled, or if you do not show up for your shifts then you choose to have CMDance cash your check in exchange for your pass. You may write a new check or paypal CMDance the difference in the case you miss/are late.
  • In the case that you do not have checks because you think they are outdated, then we may be able to set-up a case by case alternative to the check from of a deposit.
  • Volunteers will have the choice to work part-time for a dance pass (or half off their all-access pass), or you can volunteer full-time for an all access pass.
  • CMDance will not refunds any dollar amount above what you paid for your event pass, in the instance you have already purchased your pass.
  • Volunteers will be offered to pick their shifts in the first stages of volunteer sign-up, but it will be locked for editing as we get closer to the event.
  • Volunteers who are no show no call for shifts will not be allowed to volunteer for CMD events in the future in exchange for passes and/or monetary compensation.
  • We will accept your volunteer support and helping hands at any time, even when you are not scheduled, of course!
  • Volunteers are really cool and make this event amazing! Thank you.

You can sign up through this link HERE!