Devan Jones & The Uptown Stomp

Devan Jones brought The Uptown Stomp together as a band in early 2013. The primary sound started as Swangin’ Blues, Ragtime & Jazz from the 1930s through the 1950s.

While continuing to evolve, Devan Jones & The Uptown Stomp have settled into a sound reminiscent of the Rhythm & Blues artists of the 40’s and 50’s such as Roy Brown, Wynonie Harris, Guitar Slim, Ray Charles, T-Bone Walker & B.B. King while still keeping an ever expanding repertoire drawing from great American music such as Traditional Jazz, Swing, Jump and Chicago Blues.

In late August of 2015 Devan relocated to Austin TX and has been playing regularly in a wide range of ensembles ranging from trio, quartet to the full sextet which includes Drums, Upright bass, Piano, Tenor/Bari sax, Trumpet, Guitar/Vocals.

Things have gotten busy lately with the release of the groups first EP, which was recently reviewed by Lee Zimmerman of No Depression.

Jeremy Mohney’s Swing & Jazz Band

Jeremy Mohney is swing, simply put. Nearly 90 years late to the game, he’s still swinging hard for dancers with his band, sax, singing voice and original compositions that all sound straight out of 1939. Each show is fresh and will leave you wondering what’s gonna happen next. All you’re sure of is that it will be solid in the groove.

As entertaining as he sounds, Mohney has proven it countless times. At home in CO at venues like Dazzle or the Mercury Cafe, he kills, as well as on his frequent tours which take him and his band all over the US. He recently came out with two digital albums, “Live at the Mercury Cafe” and “KGNU Air Checks”. They’re both available on all major sites, like iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify. Jeremy’s also starting a podcast which will feature he and his band’s playing, his original compositions, guests to play, sing, make us laugh and more.


Kara Fabina (CO Springs)

One thing that you can count on from this DJ is a vast understanding of genres. Because of her background in various dance styles, Kara brings a depth of musical knowledge appropriate for dancing. Her loves vary from House to Funk, Old School Hip Hop, Vintage Jazz, Blues and Soul. She has a not so secret adoration for mashups, and has even dabbled in beat production and mixology. With a desire to be a jill of all trades, she began Dj’ing at house parties in 2011. Since then she has gone on to DJ at local dance venues and events throughout the world. Based in Colorado Springs, she works to provide dancers with a variety of blues, jazz, and swing music in her sets.

  Chip Self (Denver)

Chip began DJing swing music over ten years ago in his home scene of Auburn, AL. Since then he’s DJed in cities all across the southeast in states such as Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida, but he now calls Denver, CO home. His DJing style is one which honors the classics but isn’t afraid to blend in the contemporary as well. From Dixieland to Gypsy and New Orleans style to European, there’s bound to be something new and exciting to get you up and onto the dance floor. Always up for a dance or a chat about music, come say hello!

Duane Grover (Denver)

A recent transplant to Denver, Duane DJed locally in the DC area dance scene for nearly ten years, as well as a handful of national-level events over the years in Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Austin. He generally sticks to the blues, but started out by spinning swing for lindy hoppers, and looking forward to getting back to some of his old favorites. He’ll do his best to keep the lindy crowd, the blues folks, and anyone else on the floor dancing and happy.

Danny Tryon (Colorado Springs)

Danny is ready to bring both classic and modern tunes to the dance scene! Having lived all over the world, Danny has picked his favorite artists from dance scenes in Japan, France, Portland, and good old Colorado.

Aloura Summers (Denver)

Aloura has been active in the Dance Scene in Denver for over 10 years, she found her place in the dance community when she was introduced to Blues dancing at the Mercury Cafe. She started hosting and DJing dance events regularly in 2016 and quickly fell in love with creating space for her communities to dance and connect on a deeper level. Her hope as she continues hosting and DJing events is to help inspire a vibrant energy of connection, connection to the music, connection and fusion between dance styles, and connection to each other.

Lauren Faithful (Denver)

Lauren spent eight years absorbing dance culture and DJ methods all over the country before trying her hand at it. She’s been a regular DJ in Denver for over a year and loves getting people on the floor.